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How to become a good writer

By Samson | 20 December 2020 | Tips
How to become a good writer

Just like any other skill, becoming good at writing requires practice and dedication. With persistence and hard work, you can become a writer you desire to be. Nonetheless, there are principles which anyone can learn to help accelerate their writing skill development;

Develop a Habit of Reading

Developing a habit of reading will help you learn the best writing practices from the masters. Reading will help you build vocabulary and strengthen your skills in communication and storytelling. More importantly, Reading polishes your imaginative skills and can help you to become a more persuasive person, which is an essential skill to have if you're trying to convince someone you're right, pitch an idea or make your book sellable. Reading will also help you learn different writing styles while learning unique phrasing patterns.

Reading will help you learn the already existing developments in a subject area. It will also help you tap from the experiences of expert writers and help you learn what readers want. 

Practice Everyday

Like in any discipline in life, practice is essential to develop the writing skill. Writing exercises will help you build confidence by enabling you to develop your own voice and perspective without consequential limitations. Practicing will teach you to learn how to express yourself as an artist. The more you write, the better you become.

Capture Ideas 

A good writer is continually collecting creative input. Ideas are the motivation for artists and writers. You need to have a system for collecting them. 

Most of the times ideas will pop up in your mind unexpectedly and if you do not jot them down, the chances are high that you will forget. Develop the habit of writing down ideas in a note a book as they come and then expand on them when you have enough time.

Have a quiet time

You will find thinking and writing more productive when you are alone with no disturbances around. An environment free form disturbance will allow you to get lost in your work and build it up. The mind performs better when you practise being in solitude and silence.


An essential part of writing is rewriting,

distilling the fluff down to some core content that will make a difference. This is hard but important. Stephen King calls this "killing your darlings." And for good reason. It ain't pretty. But it's necessary.

Get inspired

Hard to explain, but there's a part of the writing process that is mysterious. You can't take full responsibility for what you create. A good writer knows how to avail herself to the Muse. She knows inspiration is like breathing for the creative spirit.

Write and Edit at different times

When you avoid writing and editing at the same time, you will find yourself making so much progress in your writing. Writing and editing at the same time can damage your confidence and subconsciously discourage you by giving you a picture that your writing is not good. It can also make you make subjective decisions in your editing process as you are likely not having the full picture of what you are writing yet.

Setting a different time for editing will help you approach your work with a refreshed mind and also help in context.